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Golfer Training Videos

Golfers Strength and Core Training Free Videos

Golfer - Lower Body Strength Training Video

Skip explains how to "Increase your game and have more fun with it..." in the Lunge series.

In this video, Skip, golf fitness and mental performance coach, demonstrates exercises used to build lower body strength and improve your golf swing.

How to Build Upper Body Strength - Golfer Fitness Video

"Number One injury on PGA Tour is shoulders. Repetitive injury syndrome."

This exercise develops rotation and width in the golf swing -- and helps prevent golfer shoulder strain.

Your golf fitness coach Skip demonstrates an exercise designed to improve your upper body strength and help support your swing and add distance to it.

Golfers Core Strengthening Exercise Training Video

Speed created through the strength in the core of the body.

Skip demonstrates three useful core strengthening exercises that will prove helpful to your golf swing speed and power.

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"With Skip's unique golf training program, I have increased my strength, flexibility, and cardio endurance which has increased my driving distance and over-all been very beneficial to my golf game.
He also showed me ways to improve a chronic bad back.
At 52 years of age, I am looking forward to many years of improved, pain free golf."
~ Tom Wischmeyer,
PGA Professional


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